/// 10.06.09
Inca goes fusion – part of the Inca crew will join the fusion and work there in the safe. If anybody is interested in joining, please contact us, there is still room to join the team.

/// 02.06.09
Inca has a new head of administration. The new president and vice president are Robert and Lidia.

/// 10.05.09
Inca starts a partnership with a film project. The working title is “2022 – fade out” and it’s a low budged science fiction movie about clones, surveillance and the question of what is human in an abstracted world. Right now we are producing a short example to apply for further funding to realize this ambitious project.

/// 01.04.09
Our new project WoP – Walls of perception, which will be happening in September 09 has been granted funding by the EU. We now start to work everything out.

/// 16.06.2009
newer AND improved website online!

/// 24.05.2008
new website online!